Reno Nevada's Best Self-serve Water Vending 
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Reno Nevada's Best Self-Serve Water Refills 
Visit Us Today: 895 S Center St, Reno, NV, 89501
 Open 24 hours a day 365 days a  year
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Do you Trust what's coming out of your tap?

You Need Convenient, Clean, Cost-Effective Water!

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You bring the bottles, we bring the water!

In the Heart Of Midtown



Nature Crafted Pure

Spring Water

Available at all our vending stations. Untouched by chlorine. Our natural spring water contains only the minerals that add great taste!

For Equipment and Science

Deionized Water

Available at our Midtown Reno location. Maintain quality control, protect your delicate equipment, and breathe safely with your CPAP machine  or humidifier.

Located In

 THe heart of Midtown 

Across the street from SAINT JAMES BRASSERIE

Step One

Bring your own sanitized bottles.  Any size works, from 1 to 5 gallons!

Fill as many bottles as you need! Well-lit facilities designed for your comfort with convenient shelves and handy parking. 

Step Two

Visit Our Convenient Water Refill Machines Any Time.

We except cash, credit and debit cards, and  e-payments. New to Spring Water Depot? Contact us for a free-sample coupon!

Step Three

Spring Water - Enjoy great-tasting, unprocessed water you can trust!

Deionized Water - Ultra Pure Water available at our Midtown station.  Perfect for cleaning, chemistry,  machinery and more.

Need Bottles?

Remember, Spring Water Depot sells only water! Click the button below to learn more about where to get bottles.

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895 S Center St, Reno, NV, 89501

Spring Water Depot has been serving the NV community for a long time! Take a look at our vintage commercial.  (Yes, we had to update our prices, as well as our water vending sites!)

I turned on my own faucet and didn't like the smell of my city water.

I need to drink a lot of water when I'm working out on my treadmill, in order to stay hydrated.  Bad-smelling water disrupts my workout! I don't want it to smell or taste of chlorine - that's awful.

I understand the fear of toxins or heavy metals in my drinking water.  When it smells bad, I'm reminded of what the residents of Flint, MI are going through.  Other American homes are suffering with the same kinds of problems, but don't even know it. Our pollution problems are getting a little worse every year, and I don't always trust my municipal water!

We are proud to be in the heart of Reno's midtown, and we love the strength of our customer friendships in the community.

Water Tested 3 Times Every  Week

Daily Inspections of Tank Ozone Levels to Prevent Bacteria

Our system is personally and regularly inspected by a certified plant operator of the International Bottled Water Association

Proud to Serve NSF-Approved Water to Our Community

Naturally-Sourced and  Environmentally Sustainable

Water From Deep Springs Free of Pesticides & Pollution 

Treated only with Ultraviolet Light and Ozone for  Natural Purity

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The Journey of Your Water

From Reno to Sparks, Fallon, Dayton... Even Tahoe

 Our Customers Love Us!

We had a well water problem

My house is unfortunately on a well system. The last few years, we started noticing the hard water deposits changing color. A neighbor mentioned that Washoe County is doing something to the water table. Our 5-micron filters are caked in gross mud. We started going to local stores, lugging our 5 gallon bottles in carts. This was annoying - trying to carry 3-4 bottles in a cart that only fits 2, leaving little room for groceries. 

One day when my wife and I were driving through Midtown on Center St., we noticed Spring Water Depot. We realized we had a couple of bottles in the back of our car and decided to give them a shot. The parking was easy and close, and moving our bottles to the shelves was easy. We loved being able to use a credit card.  The best part? The water tastes great!! I'm not normally much of a water drinker, but this is truly tasty water!

- Travis W.

Reno Business Owner

Update: I recently met one of the owners of Spring Water Depot in Reno. Todd gave me a full tour, showing me all the tanks and filters. Everything was spotless! He even told me a little history of midtown and his businesses over the years.  My sense is he's really proud of being part of the local Reno community.  I found he has a real passion for water, and my wife and I are still happy customers!  Stopping in midtown has become a normal routine during my week -  spring water, along with a Bibo's coffee.
Everyone Needs Water

 You Have a Simple Choice

Visit Spring Water Depot 

  • You have plenty of great-tasting water!
  • You're not spending a fortune on that water
  • It's easy to load and unload bottles at our safe, well-lit facility
  • Use debit, credit, cash, or Apple Pay
  • Fill two bottles at once, saving time
  • Your spring water will be treated with ultraviolet light and ozone for safety and freshness
  • Convenient location with handy parking
  • Save your back with shelves that hold your bottles while they're filling
  • Spring water from an NSF-approved site
  • All water meets FDA and EPA Safe Water Drinking Act standards

Or Go Somewhere Else

  • Waste your time chasing through the grocery store for your water
  • Remain fearful of what you're drinking from your tap
  • Pay high prices for home or office water delivery
  • Watch your equipment get ruined by non-demineralized water.

Don't Drink or Use Lousy Water!

Open Every Day

We Are Always Open! 24-7

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24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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895 S Center St, Reno, NV, 89501

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