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We had a well water problem

My house is unfortunately on a well system. The last few years, we started noticing the hard water deposits changing color. A neighbor mentioned that Washoe County is doing something to the water table. Our 5-micron filters are caked in gross mud. We started going to local stores, lugging our 5 gallon bottles in carts. This was annoying - trying to carry 3-4 bottles in a cart that only fits 2, leaving little room for groceries.

One day when my wife and I were driving through Midtown on Center St., we noticed Spring Water Depot. We realized we had a couple of bottles in the back of our car and decided to give them a shot. The parking was easy and close, and moving our bottles to the shelves was easy. We loved being able to use a credit card. The best part? The water tastes great!! I'm not normally much of a water drinker, but this is truly tasty water!

Update: I recently met one of the owners of Spring Water Depot in Reno. Todd gave me a full tour, showing me all the tanks and filters. Everything was spotless! He even told me a little history of midtown and his businesses over the years. My sense is he's really proud of being part of the local Reno community. I found he has a real passion for water, and my wife and I are still happy customers! Stopping in midtown has become a normal routine during my week - spring water, along with a Bibo's coffee.

Travis W ... Business Owner

Google review of Spring Water Depot

Very convenient saves time on taking your water containers inside a store just pull up here fill up on the way you go ...:car::dash::dash::dash:

Leroy williams

Google review of Spring Water Depot

Best water in Reno.....and they now have a way to use debt card.... Fantastic My plants love this water.

Jeffrey Thomas

Google review of Spring Water Depot

We have been going to Walmart to exchange our 5 gal water jugs for $6.50 per plus tax! They treat you like criminals and it is so chaotic there. No thank you!
Finally found out about this place a year later and I'm crying at how much we could have saved if we would have started here right away.
$3.75 per 5 gal jug, quick self serve and no chaos or lines!! Plus it's better water than Primo offers at Walmart, being that this is SPRING water! Thanks for providing high quality water at decent prices!

hannah hobbs

Google review of Spring Water Depot

Options for spring and just filtered water are nice. Money changing machine is temperamental.
Update: 6 years later, this is still a great place to get water for the burn. Accepts mobile payments now. Yay!

Matthew Du Puy
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