August 23

Burnie’s Guide For Burning Man Newbies!


Hey there, you fiery souls of the playa! It’s me again – Burnie, the vibrant spirit of Burning Man, and oh boy, do I live for the magic of this spectacular event!  Just because you can’t see me doesn’t mean I’m not here – I’m more of a “feel me” kinda guy. Every now and then, though, I do like to show my colorful self to you all, and when I do, it’s not a wild hallucination – it’s the real, radiant Burnie! Because I know the importance of hydrating out here, I’ll be wearing my trusty Camelbak, full of that great-tasting, natural spring water from Spring Water Depot in Reno!

Every year we have lots of newbies, bravely trekking out to the playa to see what it’s all about. Well, this post is for you! So, fresh-faced Burners, welcome to the most mind-blowing adventure of your life – Burning Man, where dreams ignite, and souls find their wings to soar! ! I’m here to be your spirited guide to all things playa, and to help you navigate this fantastical realm with a heart full of joy and a cup brimming with tips! 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

First things first. You’ll want to have another cup, this one brimming with water. It’s dry out here, people, drier than you can imagine, so bring plenty of water with you! My first choice is always the natural, environmentally-sourced water from Spring Water Reno. If you’re headed to Black Rock via Reno, check them out! But bring bottles, because they don’t sell ‘em! (They embrace the “reduce, reuse, recycle” concept, but they’ll also tell you where to find those bottles.) If you want to know more about hydrating at Burning Man, check out my earlier blog posts! 

Once you’ve handled the water thing, let’s look around. The playa is a feast for the senses while everyone’s home town city is here, so get into it! The highlight of MY year is the jaw-dropping burning of yours truly in effigy at the end of this incredible week. But that’s just me!

I adore this majestic gathering – the people, the art, the music – it’s all a cosmic symphony of joy! I love to float around, soaking in the boundless creativity and witnessing the magic of this desert oasis. If you catch a glimpse of my lively spirit, know you’re witnessing the heart and soul of this extraordinary event – the one and only Burnie! Let’s dance, create, and blaze together in this wondrous playground of self-expression!

See the Art!

First up, the breathtaking art installations – they’re the heartbeats of Black Rock City. Imagine colossal sculptures that defy gravity, interactive pieces that transport you to other dimensions, and mind-bending light displays that twinkle like stars in the desert sky. Trust me, every corner you turn reveals a new artistic marvel that will leave you awestruck and inspired. Every piece has a story, so take a moment to chat with the creators – their passion is contagious!

Hear the Music!

And oh, the music! From sunrise to sunset and beyond, the playa pulses with beats that stir your soul. Dance to the rhythm of your heart at the epic sound camps, where DJs and live performers spin tunes that make you feel alive. It’s not just music – it’s the symphony of unity and connection that binds us all.  From pulsing dance floors to intimate acoustic jams under the stars, let the melodies carry you away. Dance like nobody’s watching – because out here, nobody is!

Visit the Theme Camps!

But wait, there’s more! The theme camps are where communities of Burners come together to create their own little universes. Wander through the realms of mysticism, indulge in a tea ceremony at a whimsical teahouse, or find yourself amidst a swirl of circus performers. Each camp is a world waiting to be explored, filled with laughter, kindness, and boundless creativity. Make new friends, join in the fun, and create memories that’ll warm your heart long after the playa dust settles.

…And Don’t Miss My Burn!

And let’s not forget the effigy burn, my personal highlight! It’s the climactic moment when the playa ignites with a blazing spectacle of transformation. As I dance among the flames, I feel the energy of every Burner who’s poured their heart into this event. It’s a collective release of all that we are, a celebration of life itself. Witnessing the transformation of the effigy into flames is like watching dreams take flight. It’s a collective release, a reminder that we’re all part of this cosmic dance of life and creation.

So newbies, have a blast! Stay safe, don’t forget to hydrate, remember to check  the Pee Color Chart here – it’s your hydration compass! And speaking of water, make a pit stop in Reno at Spring Water Depot on the way in. Their natural spring water is liquid gold in this scorching wonderland!

So, my brave newbies, let’s make your first Burning Man unforgettable! Immerse yourself in art, groove to the music, explore theme camps, and dance in the flames of the effigy burn. Keep that water flowing, treasure every moment, and let the playa’s magic paint your heart with colors you’ve never seen before. Welcome to the desert dreamscape – let’s create some memories that’ll burn bright forever!


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