About Our Water

About Our Spring Water

The spring water vended by Spring Water Depot is perfect for drinking -- it's clean, natural, and tastes great!

All our spring water comes from Baxter Springs, 4000 feet high in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Baxter Source, Inc., is an NSF-certified facility providing naturally-sourced, continually-replenished spring water in bulk. These springs, in use since the days of the early settlers in the latter part of the 19th century, are located on a 1000-acre zoned timberland preserve that restricts commercial development and preserves the natural ecology. The springs naturally flow year-round and are fed by snowmelt from higher elevations. 

No chemicals are used to treat the water, storage tanks, or any of the water system components. The entire system is designed to ensure that this pure spring water remains natural and unadulterated.  A Title 21 chemical analysis, required by the California Department of Health and performed annually, consistently demonstrates that the spring water is stable and largely unvarying. Water samples are tested every day in Baxter Source, Inc.’s own laboratory to further ensure quality control. This real, live water is untouched by chlorine and retains all of the natural minerals for a taste that is as pure as when nature crafted it!

About Our Deionized Water

Deionized water is available at our Midtown Reno location on S. Center St.  It's dispensed  from the two vending machines at the north corner of the building.

We incorporate a 5-step process to purify it, and it's similar to distilled water, but considered even purer – called “ultra-pure” by the water industry – as it undergoes additional treatment.  After carbon-filtering and softening (which replaces calcium with sodium) it’s then put through a reverse-osmosis process, which further reduces Total Dissolved Solids (TDSs) to the level of 10 parts per million or less.  At this point the water is considered "purified," and is often sold by other facilities as drinking water.

At Spring Water Depot, though, we take it through two more cleansing steps.  It's deionized, replacing positive ions with hydrogen and leaving the water entirely free of minerals and any other particulates.  We then add a final step with a polishing filter. This extensive process makes it ideal for delicate machinery, as there are no minerals present to cause abrasion, wear, or clogging. (Your CPAP machine, for instance, will last a lot longer with deionized water!) It's also great for humidifiers, as it will not release particulates into the air you breathe, as well as any sort of product that requires a high level of quality control, such as cosmetics, or other laboratory uses that require ultra-pure, mineral-free  water to prevent product or machine failure.

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